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It is important that patients, lawmakers, the media and other stakeholders understand that the new trade agreement will keep drug prices high longer. We need everyone to share this message and build this movement so our voice is heard and changes made.

Be a Part of the Conversation

Be sure to bookmark and follow the Association for Accessible Medicines’ social media accounts, @AccessibleMeds on Twitter and our Facebook page where we will post updates on the new trade agreements and how they affect drug prices. Stay connected by following and using the hashtag #FixUSMCA.

Social Media

Share the message and the movement with all those in your own social networks. Tweet and post your own messages about the need for the Administration and Congress to fix the trade deal to bring down high drug prices. You can also retweet the messages you find with the hashtag #FixUSMCA.

Here are some sample Tweets.

  • I am worried that high-cost brand-name prescription drug prices will stay high b/c of the new trade deal. Please #FixUSMCA so there’s more competition and I can access more affordable generic and biosimilar medicines sooner.
  • To bring down drug prices we need more competition and less monopolies. I respectfully ask that you #FixUSMCA so the price of medicines come down sooner.
  • Prices of my meds will stay inflated because of the new US/Mexico/Canada trade agreement (USMCA). I urge you to #FixUSMCA now so the big drug companies aren’t able to keep affordable alternatives, like generic and biosimilar medicines, off the market.
  • The new trade deal is going to keep the cost of the medicines I take high for longer. It is hard to afford expensive medicines already, let’s not make things worse. Please help me and all patients and #FixUSMCA
  • USMCA keeps affordable generic and biosimilar medicines out of reach for patients like me. That isn’t okay. I urge you to #FixUSMCA and bring down the cost of medicine.
  • We cannot afford to allow brand name drug costs to keep skyrocketing. That will be the case if the new US/Mexico/Canada trade deal is approved as written. I ask you to #FixUSMCA so we can contain drug prices here in the U.S.

Since we depend on both the Administration and Congress to #FixUSMCA it is important to include the Twitter handles for the United States Trade Representative @USTradeRep and the Congressional committees with jurisdiction, including:


Images for social media sharing:

    1. Right-click on the social image you want to download
    2. Select “Save Image As” and save to your computer
    3. Copy the provided text from AAM, or adapt to fit your voice
    4. Upload your saved image, paste the text into your post and share with your social network

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Patients in the U.S. are already confronted by the world’s longest climb to affordable #biosimilars. #USMCA, or NAFTA 2.0, will eliminate easier routes and keeps #drugprices out of reach for American patients. #FixUSMCA Watch video:

AAM’s Jonathan Kimball urges Americans to tell their member of Congress to stand up for patients and fix the provisions that increase drug prices and expands drug monopolies. #FixUSMCA Take Action Now!

USMCA or “NAFTA 2.0” contains obstacles to more affordable meds for Americans. It will 1) keep prices high 2) strengthen pharmaceutical monopolies and 3) impede biosimilar competition. There is still time to #FixUSMCA! Learn how: